I like that she doesn't give up

Elizabeth: "Sanweewah"

Me: "What?"

Elizabeth: "Sanweewah"

Me: "....Cinderella?"

Elizabeth: "Not sandowewah! Sanweewah"

Me: "Um...Underwear?"

Elizabeth: (giggles) "Not undaweah! Sanweewah"

Me: .......

Elizabeth: "Sanweewah"

Me: "Sunriver!"

Elizabeth: "Yeah! A log!"

Me: "Oh, you remember the log at the Sunriver house?"

Elizabeth: "Yeah! And a pool too."


Toddler One-Liners



A kinder, gentler goose

(While reading 'Walt Disney's Nursery Rhymes')

Elizabeth: "That's Daisy Duck!"

Me: "I think that's Mother Goose."

Elizabeth: "Mother Goose? That's not Daisy Duck"

Me: "Yep. Mother Goose. Mother of all nursery-rhymes."

Elizabeth: "That's not Mother Goose."

Me: "It's not?"

Elizabeth: "That's Mommy Goose."


Such enthusiasm!

(During a recent bath

Me: "What are you doing?"

Elizabeth: "Peeing in bath!"

Me: "No, we don't pee in the bath. That means you're swimming in pee."

Elizabeth: "Heck Yeah!"