For the Soul

(While pretending to cook dinner)

Elizabeth: "Here, have a fork!"

Me: "What are we having for dinner?"

Elizabeth: "Chicken noodle... chicken noodle... chicken... hot noodle soup."


Toddler One-Liners

"How'd that happen?"


Quite logical

(While Grama & Elizabeth gather up a few snacks to take downstairs to play on the computer.)

Grama: "Is that enough green beans?"

Elizabeth: "Yeah"

Grama: "What if you run out?"

Elizabeth: "Then I just say 'Grama. Get me some more green beans.'"


Toddler One-Liners

"You wanna play trains?"


Fun = Toys

Me: "Wanna go to Trader Joe's today? It's a pretty fun place."

Elizabeth: "Has toys?"

Me: "...no...it has food!"

Elizabeth: "Oh...toy food?"


A Snake's Snack

(While reading a book, we come across a picture of Kaa the Snake, from Jungle Book.)

Elizabeth: "Oh! Look at that snake!"

Me: "Yeah! I see him."

Elizabeth: "Maybe he needs food. What... what do snakes eat?"

Me: "Well, they eat little animals. Like mice 'n' stuff."

Elizabeth: "Yeah... that would be good for a snake."


"And chocolate milk!"