Indoor sunflower planting gone awry

Elizabeth: "Mommy, you're gonna freak out!"

Me: [playing along] "Yay! I'm gonna freak out!"

Elizabeth: "You're gonna freak out!"

Me: "Ok!"

Elizabeth: "You're gonna be CRAZY!"

Me: "Yeah!"

Elizabeth "You're gonna be crazy! But not mad! There's seeds EVERYWHERE!"

Me: "Alrighty! ...Wait, what?"

Elizabeth: "There's seeds EVERYWHERE!"

Me: "Where?"

Elizabeth: "In the kitchen! CRAZY!!"

Preschooler One-Liners

(While in Movie Madness)

"Are Spiderman and Yoda friends?"


Our respective packing lists for going to the garden center

Me: "OK, I've got my purse, and my wallet, and some water..."

Elizabeth: "I've got my dress... I've got my crown... I've got my tights... I've got my shoes... I've got my wand... I've got my jewel... That's everything I need!"