(Dessert time...)

"You know what I want for dessert? OK. This is gonna be a super-duper dessert, so I'm going to have to brush my teeth really, really good..."


It gets confusing

(I really don't remember how this conversation started... Something like this...)

Me: "...I'm the only Mommy."

Elizabeth: "I have one Mommy and one Daddy."

Me: "Yep."

Elizabeth: "And one Grama and one Grampa."

Me: "Well, you have Grama Jan & Grampa Tom. But, you also have Grama Connie and Grampa Al."

Elizabeth: "So, I have two Gramas and two Grampas."

Me: "Yes."

"And two Mommies and two Daddies."

Me: "Actually, only one Mommy and one Daddy."


Elizabeth: "Are you pretending?"