Yes, this happened

Elizabeth: "What in the Hell is this???"


Taller.... or Shorter?

(Mommy gets the hang of a brand new game...)

Elizabeth: "Want to play a game? It's called 'Taller, or Shorter?'"

Me: "Sure"

Elizabeth: "OK. Are you taller, or shorter?"

Me: "Than what, you?"

(repeats, patiently)

Elizabeth: "Are you taller.... or shorter?"

Me: "Um, taller."

Elizabeth: "Right! Now, am I taller or shorter?"

Me: "Shorter?"

Elizabeth: "That's right. Shorter."


A Sacred Holiday

(On our way to the Spirit Halloween Store...)

Me: "Did you know that me & daddy got married on Halloween?"

Elizabeth: "You mean.... you missed Trick or Treats??"