Me : "What would you like for dessert?"

Elizabeth: "Can I have two Thin Mints?"

Me : "Yes."

Elizabeth: "Can I also have something else?"

Me : "Like what?"

Elizabeth: "Like a coconut fruit popsicle."

Me : "You can either have two cookies or the popsicle."

Elizabeth: "How about one cookie and the popsicle."

Me : "No, you can have half a popsicle and one cookie."

Elizabeth: "Oh, fine, I'll just have the popsicle... can I also have half a cookie?"

Me: "Fine."

Surprises are more better

Elizabeth: "I can probably read these Barbie books because they are level 1 and 2, and I am on level 5."

Me: "Will you read 'em to me?"

Elizabeth: "...No."

Me: "Oh... What if I promise not to say a single word while you are reading them?"

Elizabeth: "...Nope, won't work. I'm going to read to you when you don't expect it, so don't ask me. Surprises are more better, don't you think?"