Me: "Your hands... They are freezing."

Elizabeth: "That is why I am putting them on your tummy. To warm them up."



(While playing with Polly Pocket dolls...)

Me: [as a doll] "Hi!"

Elizabeth: [as her doll] "Hi!"

Me: "What's your name?"

Elizabeth: "Protein!"


BCS Edition

(While watching the big game... and seeing the Auburn mascot...)

Elizabeth: "Do tigers eat ducks?"

Me: "...hm...I don't know if ducks live near tigers. I'm gonna say probably not?"

Elizabeth: "I think they do. Tigers eat everything except themselves, and other tigers."

Can't a gal use the facilities?

(Sorry, but this took place in the restroom...)

Elizabeth: [knock, knock]

Me: "Yes?"

Elizabeth: "Can I come in?"

Me: "Yep!"

Elizabeth: "Are you peeing?"

Me: "Yep!"

Elizabeth: "I need something."

Me: "What is it?"

Elizabeth: "....Dinner."