Cleeeean up. Cleeeean up...

Elizabeth: "Mommy, I want my room all cleaned up. Especially this over here and the floor. But, we don't have to clean this area here, because that would just be a waste of time."


That time when you discovered you could eat snow!

This is classic Elizabeth. Funny, smart, and adorable. Enjoy this little vid, and be sure to stick around for the grand finale of cuteness. This was taken December of 2008...


Oh, yes, José!

(Somebody has a giant squirt-gun...)

Me: "I don't want to be squirted right now."

Elizabeth: "Oh YES, José!!"

Me: "No thank you!"

Elizabeth: "Well, you know... if I get you, I get you."

Me: "Yeah, but..."

Elizabeth: "And if I don't, then I don't."



(While I check out the box of hair color I just bought....)

Elizabeth: "Don't color your hair."

Me: "Ever?"

Elizabeth: "No, just not right now. We're playing. It's your day off."

Me: "Oh, you're right."

Elizabeth: "You should take a day off."

Me: "From what?"

Elizabeth: "From doing things your way."


One day, she will understand

Me: "Let's pick up all your stuff in the living room & clean up a bit."

Elizabeth: "No. You can, though."

Me: "Oh. Why do I get to do all of it?"

Elizabeth: "Because you like to clean."