(The music at Taco Time took me back.... in time...)

Me: "This is Cher. She dresses up in really crazy costumes."

Elizabeth: "I thought Lady Gaga did."

Me: "She does.... but Cher did it first."

Elizabeth: "Oh.... SHARE? I bet she likes to share in school!!"


(While sick....)

Me: "You're my best friend, you know?"

Elizabeth: "What about Daddy?"

Me: "Daddy is also my best friend. Both of you are my best friends."

Elizabeth: "But, who is your most favorite?"

Me: "I can't choose. Both of you are."

Elizabeth: "I think you should choose me."


Nu's On Wheels

(Grandpa was working at home during the afternoon)

Elizabeth: "Grandpa, Little Nus Restaurant is open today, would you like to be a customer?"

Grandpa:  "I can't right now honey, I have to go back to the office in a couple of minutes."

Elizabeth:  "Well then, how about an order to go!"


I want to live at Disneyland, but it ain't gonna happen

Elizabeth: [riding her scooter] "I really want to go play with Lily."

Me: "I know, but they're not home yet."

 Elizabeth: "But I want to!"

Me: "Sometimes we can't always have what we want."

Elizabeth: [stops] "Yes we can... THIS IS AMERICA."