I stand corrected


Me: "Can you hand me that orange crayon."

Elizabeth: "That's Red-Orange."


Dumbo Bubble

(At the hotel across the street from Disneyland... bedtime...)

Elizabeth: [to her large Dumbo stuffed animal] "Dumbo, you can't sleep in the bed. You're in daddy's personal space bubble."


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A Legit Reason

(While driving, we see a team of window washers way up on the Big Pink building)

Elizabeth: "What are they doing up there?"

Me: "They are washing each window on the entire, huge building!"

Elizabeth: "Whoa."

Me: "I wouldn't want that job."

Elizabeth: "Me neither. Booooooring!!!"


Lucky gets a scolding

(When we had both guinea pigs on the couch with us, Lucky almost bit Chowie... and gets in trouble with Elizabeth...)

"Hey, Lucky! Little Chowie is just a little pig. Chowie is just out to have some fun! She's just checking out the world...that's what being a guinea pig is all about, Lucky!"


Time to learn, Mommy

(While swimming....)

Elizabeth: "Now, mommy. Today, I want you to learn to swim with your head in the water."


Sounds reasonable

(Soon we leave for Disneyland!)

Me: "I'm going to get you your own Disney gift card so that you can buy souvenirs when we're at Disneyland. It's going to be a $40 card."

Elizabeth: "I want you to get me... 4... of those, please."


Good plan

(Planning our strategy...)

Me: "What firework do you want to light first?"

Elizabeth: "Well... let's do all the boring ones first."

Front Streamline

(While at the Aquatic Park...)

Elizabeth: "You don't know how to swim. I can swim."

Me: "I know how to swim."

Elizabeth: "But you don't know how to do the FRONT STREAMLINE!"