A lot to look forward to

(While watching Grama cut up some chicken for that night's dinner...)

Elizabeth: "Oh! That looks SO good. I think when I'm bigger, I will like to eat that very much!"

Well, sort of

(One night, as I attempted to add the repetoire of yogas we do before bed (i.e. 'puppy yoga,' 'frog yoga,' 'flower yoga' etc.) and also after a great game of 'Cootie'....)

Me: "Tonight, we're going to do Cootie Yoga!"

Elizabeth: "Cootie Yoga."

Me: "Yes..."

Elizabeth: "....you...put yourself together."


Of Epic Proportions

(Discussing the tractors, diggers, & dump trucks that have been working behind our house this summer)

Elizabeth: "I'm glad my trucks didn't take my slide when they dug that big hole..."

Me: "Yeah, we moved it out of the way."

Elizabeth: "...because that would be a problem."

Soccer Drills