The tale of the little cough

(When the flu came to visit...)

Elizabeth: "Are you all better except for your cough?"

Me: "Yep, I feel mostly all better except for my little cough."

Elizabeth: "I think he likes you!"

Me: "Uh huh, I think so."

Elizabeth: "He's like, [high-pitched voice] 'OH, I LOVE YOU! I'M VERY SORRY YOU HAVE ME!!'"

"Wanna play a game?...."

"It's called CRASH-OW-OW."


Good customer service!

(I'm so proud of my little shop keeper. Elizabeth sets up her 'Fabulous Fashion Boutique' at least once a day, and I go shopping. On a recent trip...)

Me: "Hello! What do you have that's new today?"

Elizabeth: "Perhaps you would be ines-sa-ter-rad in this...?"


Stuff like this happens quite a bit, lately

Elizabeth: "I spy with my little eye... something that is red."

Me: "Um... this shampoo bottle?"

Elizabeth: "That's not pink!"

Me: "You said red."

Elizabeth: "No I didn't!"

Me: ......

Rockstar Band

(While playing with Polly Pockets...)

Elizabeth: "Do we look like rockstars?"

Me: "Oh, yes."

Elizabeth: "Good. Because we're going to be in a rockstar band."



(During a good game of chase...)

Elizabeth: "I am faster now! Because I'm 5! Everytime I am a new number, I get faster!!"



Elizabeth: "When I was at Grama & Grampa's, we were watching 'Max & Ruby' and Max wanted a dragon shirt. Grama said, "How does max know there's a dragon shirt?" and Grampa said: "INTERNET!"

Me: "That is funny."

Elizabeth: "If you were there, you would think it was funny!"


Me: "Oh, are you going to eat your plum?"

Elizabeth: "No."

Me: "Why'd you ask me to cut one up for you?"

Elizabeth: "INTERNET!"


Tickle fight!

(Elizabeth sees an opportunity to win the tickle fight...)

"Will you open up your armpit, please?"