Breakfast at McDonald's!

Elizabeth: "This potato thing. It's... giving my mouth a nightmare."



Elizabeth: "Everything is worse without butter."

Huge difference, Mom

(While dancing...)

Elizabeth: "Do you want me to dance Silly or dance Funny?"

Me: "Umm... Silly."

Elizabeth: "OK" [dances silly] "Now what?"

Me: "Now dance funny." [She dances funny] "...so, what's the difference between Silly and Funny?"

Elizabeth: "Well, Silly is just funnier."

On the first day of Fall

(While riding in Grama & Grampa's car, with the windows rolled down....)

Elizabeth: "Whaddya think this is, SUMMER?!"


Save the Ocelots!

(While reading a library book about adorable, beautiful ocelots...)

Me [reading]: "...Ocelots used to be hunted for their coats."

Elizabeth: "Oh! That's not good. Go to a store and get a coat, people!!!"

The Big Time

Elizabeth: "Mommy. Here's something we are learning about in school, and I'm not even sure you know about it.... EXPANDED NOTATION."