Happiness & Joy for a 3yo

(On our way to Salmon Street Fountain one warm day last week...)

Elizabeth: [looks at her pink Tinkerbell watch]

Me: "What time does your watch say?"

Elizabeth: "It says: WATERPARK TIME!"


Of course, green!

While driving...

Elizabeth: "What's coming out of that car?"

Me: "Steam."

Elizabeth: "Someday... I want to get a car that makes steam!"

Me: "OK!"

Elizabeth: "A green car... with three seats."

Me: "And, who's going to ride in your car?"

Elizabeth: "Grama, and Grampa, and Mommy, and Daddy, and Grama, and Me, and... [trails off]"

Me: "and, who else?"

Elizabeth: "No."


Promises, promises

After all the water was gone, spit, and spilled out of her little cup, Elizabeth asks for more water.

Elizabeth: "I want more water, please!"

Me: "Do you promise not to spill it?"

Elizabeth: "No."

Me: "I mean, will you spill it?"

Elizabeth: "I'll try not to."

Me: "Do you promise?"

Elizabeth: "I promise to try not to spill it."


Toddler One-Liners

"I'm the boss of flushing the potty."


Toddler One-Liners

"Are you grossed-up?"

Watch out James Beard Awards

Elizabeth: "I'm making you dinner!"

Me: "Oh, what's for dinner?"

Elizabeth: "Soup with tomatoes, broccoli, beans, sprinkles, and chocolate mustard."