Good Back-up Plan

(Grama & Grampa will be visiting our California family after Christmas... and you know what that means!)

Grama: "When I'm in California, I'll probably go to a Disneyland gift shop and bring you back a little something."

Elizabeth: "Yes, and if you forget, call me and I will remind you."


At least I didn't mention that it is made out of cheese

(While driving to preschool on a brilliant, sunny day...)

Me: "Oh, look! There's the moon!"

Elizabeth: "It's melting!"

Me: "That's just the part of the moon that's in shadow."

Elizabeth: "Yeah... but, it's also melting."


The Sudoku Channel is On

Me: "What's Daddy doing in the living room?"

Elizabeth: "He's watching the newspaper."


Me: "That's a cute My Little Pony."

Elizabeth: "No, it's my little pony."