In other words: You are old

Me: "...I'll be thirty-four this year on my birthday."

Elizabeth: "Holy Cowey Smokes!!!"


Zoo-Lights edition

Me: "When do you want to go to Zoo-Lights this year?"

Elizabeth: "Well, what do you think?"

Me: "Sometime when it's not raining."

Elizabeth: "Yeah! Good point!"


Pronounced: Yun-yins.

Elizabeth: "I don't like onions.... I only like onions in Old McDonald's Happy Burgers."


Pie Season

(Making baking plans for the big day...)

Me: "You can help me bake Grampa's favorite pie for Thanksgiving."

Elizabeth: "What kind is it?"

Me: "Pecan Pie."

Elizabeth: "Oh, I have three... No... I have... six yummy favorites."

Me: "What are they?

Elizabeth: "I like Cherry Pie, Pumpkin, Pecawnd Pie, Apple, Berry... I really like Watermelon, Berry, Apple... all kinds of Berry Pie... and Pear."


Preschooler One-Liners

Holy Sense-of-Humor!

She replied, without hesitating...

(While at the Happiest Place on Earth...)

Me: When you're grown up, are you going to bring your kids to Disneyland?

Elizabeth: If they are big enough for rides I will!