Well sort of

(The new Entertainment Weekly just arrived...)

Elizabeth: "Look! It's Rapunzel!"

Me: "That's actually Lady Gaga."


Phrase also heard on the 7 1/2 floor

(...While trying to get around me to walk down the hall)

Elizabeth: "Excuse me please. Small-ladies first!"


In other words: You are old

Me: "...I'll be thirty-four this year on my birthday."

Elizabeth: "Holy Cowey Smokes!!!"


Zoo-Lights edition

Me: "When do you want to go to Zoo-Lights this year?"

Elizabeth: "Well, what do you think?"

Me: "Sometime when it's not raining."

Elizabeth: "Yeah! Good point!"


Pronounced: Yun-yins.

Elizabeth: "I don't like onions.... I only like onions in Old McDonald's Happy Burgers."


Pie Season

(Making baking plans for the big day...)

Me: "You can help me bake Grampa's favorite pie for Thanksgiving."

Elizabeth: "What kind is it?"

Me: "Pecan Pie."

Elizabeth: "Oh, I have three... No... I have... six yummy favorites."

Me: "What are they?

Elizabeth: "I like Cherry Pie, Pumpkin, Pecawnd Pie, Apple, Berry... I really like Watermelon, Berry, Apple... all kinds of Berry Pie... and Pear."


Preschooler One-Liners

Holy Sense-of-Humor!

She replied, without hesitating...

(While at the Happiest Place on Earth...)

Me: When you're grown up, are you going to bring your kids to Disneyland?

Elizabeth: If they are big enough for rides I will!


Yes, this happened

Elizabeth: "What in the Hell is this???"


Taller.... or Shorter?

(Mommy gets the hang of a brand new game...)

Elizabeth: "Want to play a game? It's called 'Taller, or Shorter?'"

Me: "Sure"

Elizabeth: "OK. Are you taller, or shorter?"

Me: "Than what, you?"

(repeats, patiently)

Elizabeth: "Are you taller.... or shorter?"

Me: "Um, taller."

Elizabeth: "Right! Now, am I taller or shorter?"

Me: "Shorter?"

Elizabeth: "That's right. Shorter."


A Sacred Holiday

(On our way to the Spirit Halloween Store...)

Me: "Did you know that me & daddy got married on Halloween?"

Elizabeth: "You mean.... you missed Trick or Treats??"


Dry-clean only

(While watching a Disneyland show, Elizabeth wonders about the costumes...)

Elizabeth: "Can everybody's costume get wet?"

Me "Sort of... probably not too wet."

Elizabeth: "Yeah. I hope when all the characters go home at night, I hope they wash all their costumes."



(Dessert time...)

"You know what I want for dessert? OK. This is gonna be a super-duper dessert, so I'm going to have to brush my teeth really, really good..."


It gets confusing

(I really don't remember how this conversation started... Something like this...)

Me: "...I'm the only Mommy."

Elizabeth: "I have one Mommy and one Daddy."

Me: "Yep."

Elizabeth: "And one Grama and one Grampa."

Me: "Well, you have Grama Jan & Grampa Tom. But, you also have Grama Connie and Grampa Al."

Elizabeth: "So, I have two Gramas and two Grampas."

Me: "Yes."

"And two Mommies and two Daddies."

Me: "Actually, only one Mommy and one Daddy."


Elizabeth: "Are you pretending?"


As in 'Urrrrrrcch!!!'

(While playing with Happy Car, a ride-on car who is happy.)

Elizabeth: "Look, mommy. This button makes the car go. This makes the horn honk. And, this makes the car go urch."

Tires with a hint of popcorn

(First time in Les Schwab, this should be classic!)

Elizabeth: (pauses) "....Mommy....I want you to smell. The air..."


To The Ship!

While playing with pirates on Pirate Island at Grama's...

Me: (as one of the pirate toys)"OK, Pirates! Now that I've gathered you here for the pirate meeting, I've decided that we will attack the Princess Castle. Who's with me??"

Elizabeth: (as one of the other pirate toys) "I've got an idea, Captain! Let's play Knock-Knock-Who's-There!"


What a sweetie

Discussing our neighbor Bill

Me: I guess Bill had a fall. He hurt himself while gardening.

Elizabeth: Oh no.

Me: Should we make him a card or something?

Elizabeth: Yes. Here is what I want you to write in it: "Poor Bill. We love you."

The reason for the season

While watching fireworks...

"Happy birthday... July."


Naps are good for something

Elizabeth: "Grama and Grampa are on vacation."

Me: "Yes, they are probably still driving at the moment."

Elizabeth: "I think they will need to take a nap."

Of course!

It's fireworks season...

Me: "Are you going to be able to stay up until it's dark enough to do fireworks?"

Elizabeth: "Yes, of course! I don't sleep whenever we're doing something fun."



Me: "Wanna go to Burgerville?"

Elizabeth: "No. I want to go to HotDogville."


Preschooler One-Liners

"I don't like babies. I like puppies instead."


Toy Story Mania

While beating her toothbrush on the counter...

"I'm playing a new game. It's called BEAT ZURG!"

More much

On the subject of art museums...

Me: "Do you want to visit the art museum sometime?"

Elizbeth: "No. I think the toy store will be more much fun."

While reading Cinderella

"...the chirping birds awakened Cinderella from her happy dreams..."

Me: "Do you ever dream at night?"

Elizabeth: "No. You need clouds for dreams."


Preschooler One-Liners

"Those are not clues. Those are garbage."


40th Anniversary Edition

Me: "Tomorrow we get to take Grama & Grampa to the airport. Do you remember where they are going?"

Elizabeth: "Yes."

Me: "Where."

Elizabeth: "...to... get me a coconut."

Me: "Yep. Mexico."

Elizabeth: "Yeah, Mexico."

Me: "It's a different country"

Elizabeth: "Yeah, I think I've been to that country."

Me: "Oh really?"

Elizabeth: "Yes. OMSI lives in that country."

Me: "Oh, is that right?"

Elizabeth: "Yeah, and Oaks Park also lives in Mexico."


Preschooler One-Liners

"I need to do something. Can I have your cheek?"

She's got a solution for everything!

(While cleaning up Connect-Four pieces with Grama.)

Grama: "OK, let's put all the pieces back in the box."

Elizabeth: [not exactly helping]

Grama: "What if I have to vacuum?"

Elizabeth: "If you have to vacuum..." [thinking] "...call me, and I'll tell you not to."

Preschooler One-Liners

"Um... Can I stand on your head for a minute? I have to do something."


Indoor sunflower planting gone awry

Elizabeth: "Mommy, you're gonna freak out!"

Me: [playing along] "Yay! I'm gonna freak out!"

Elizabeth: "You're gonna freak out!"

Me: "Ok!"

Elizabeth: "You're gonna be CRAZY!"

Me: "Yeah!"

Elizabeth "You're gonna be crazy! But not mad! There's seeds EVERYWHERE!"

Me: "Alrighty! ...Wait, what?"

Elizabeth: "There's seeds EVERYWHERE!"

Me: "Where?"

Elizabeth: "In the kitchen! CRAZY!!"

Preschooler One-Liners

(While in Movie Madness)

"Are Spiderman and Yoda friends?"


Our respective packing lists for going to the garden center

Me: "OK, I've got my purse, and my wallet, and some water..."

Elizabeth: "I've got my dress... I've got my crown... I've got my tights... I've got my shoes... I've got my wand... I've got my jewel... That's everything I need!"