We're mostly unaffiliated

Elizabeth's Friend: "I have to root for the Beavers. Do you like the Beavers?"

Elizabeth: "Um... I actually root for the Ducks."

EF: "You don't like the Beavers?"

Elizabeth: "No."

EF: "Why?"

Elizabeth: "We do like the Beavers, but we like the Ducks a little bit more."


EF: "Why do you like both teams?"

Elizabeth: "Well, my dad roots for both of them. So I have to."


The Brain!

(While brushing teeth...)

Elizabeth: "There's one part of your body that needs rest, but it's the same part that wants to stay up: The Brain. Your brain needs a lot of rest, but it says 'I want to stay up and THINK!' but it needs rest, but it doesn't want to rest."