As in 'Urrrrrrcch!!!'

(While playing with Happy Car, a ride-on car who is happy.)

Elizabeth: "Look, mommy. This button makes the car go. This makes the horn honk. And, this makes the car go urch."

Tires with a hint of popcorn

(First time in Les Schwab, this should be classic!)

Elizabeth: (pauses) "....Mommy....I want you to smell. The air..."


To The Ship!

While playing with pirates on Pirate Island at Grama's...

Me: (as one of the pirate toys)"OK, Pirates! Now that I've gathered you here for the pirate meeting, I've decided that we will attack the Princess Castle. Who's with me??"

Elizabeth: (as one of the other pirate toys) "I've got an idea, Captain! Let's play Knock-Knock-Who's-There!"


What a sweetie

Discussing our neighbor Bill

Me: I guess Bill had a fall. He hurt himself while gardening.

Elizabeth: Oh no.

Me: Should we make him a card or something?

Elizabeth: Yes. Here is what I want you to write in it: "Poor Bill. We love you."

The reason for the season

While watching fireworks...

"Happy birthday... July."


Naps are good for something

Elizabeth: "Grama and Grampa are on vacation."

Me: "Yes, they are probably still driving at the moment."

Elizabeth: "I think they will need to take a nap."

Of course!

It's fireworks season...

Me: "Are you going to be able to stay up until it's dark enough to do fireworks?"

Elizabeth: "Yes, of course! I don't sleep whenever we're doing something fun."



Me: "Wanna go to Burgerville?"

Elizabeth: "No. I want to go to HotDogville."