I'm trying, people. I really am.

(Before a bath)

Me: "Do you need to use the potty?"

Elizabeth: "No... I pee in the bath."

Me: "Well, you need to use the potty. We don't pee in the bathtub."

Elizabeth: "Of course I do!"


Carnivore. Cookievore.

(For breakfast, Elizabeth gave her new T-Rex toy a cookie)

Me: "T-Rex likes cookies?"

Elizabeth: "And meat."


Toddler One-Liners

"Too sad! So bad!"


The Santa-touch

(While on a walk in our neighborhood.)

Elizabeth: "Feel the tree, mommy!"

Me: "OK!" (feels the tree) "It's like a Christmas tree, isn't it?"

Elizabeth: "That's not a Christmas tree. That's a real tree."

Me: "Oh! I see. What makes a Christmas tree?"

Elizabeth: "Santa Claus do... make a Christmas tree."


Hold the condiments

(Elizabeth currently LOVES dinosaurs... specifically, T-Rex)

Elizabeth: "Look at T-Rex. He's happy."

Me: "He is happy... do you think he's hungry?"

Elizabeth: "Yeah... He eats meat."

Me: "Yes he does."

Elizabeth: "Cheeseburgers... with no cheese... and no pickles."


I love the thoughtfulness. I love the manners.

Elizabeth: "Who's coming over today?"

Me: "Grama!"

Elizabeth: "Donuts!"

Me: "Yep, she's bringing donuts."

Elizabeth: "Wanna donut, mommy?"

Me: "Yes, I'd love a donut."

Elizabeth: "How 'bout Grama?"

Me: "Yeah, Grama wants a donut."

Elizabeth: "Yeah!"


Happy Holidays

(While reading The Night Before Christmas.)

Elizabeth: "Where's my stocking?"

Me: "It's with the other Christmas stuff. We'll get it out soon when we decorate for Christmas."

Elizabeth: "Yeah... Santa!"

Me: "Is Santa going to fill up your stocking?"

Elizabeth: "Yeah! With candy!"

Me: "Ooh... candy. That's a nice treat from Santa."

Elizabeth: "Yeah! Trick or treat!"

Me: "Trick or treat?"

Elizabeth: "Smell my feet!"


Toddler One-Liners

"That's not a tweaker! That's Uncle Sam!"


Pop Host

(While serving up dinner)

Me: "Elizabeth, would you like to try some pot roast?"

Elizabeth: "I don't like pop host... It's pretty yucky"


Toddler One-Liners

"No sank you on that deal!"


Piggy-bank food

Me: "Wow! You've got lots of coins!"

Elizabeth: "Yeah! And money, too"

That's my girl!

(Elizabeth asks this in response to: 'I've got something for you,' 'Look at this,' 'I know what we can do,' 'Guess what,' and many other phrases…)

"Something to eat?"


Stop. Think. Snack?

Elizabeth: "I want something"

Me: "Like What?"

Elizabeth: "Like... a snack."

Me: "What would you like for a snack?"

Elizabeth: "Um... Tylenol."

Me: "No, you can't have Tylenol for a snack, I'm sorry."

Elizabeth: "Yeah! I want Tylenol! I'm sick!"

I am what I am

(While running, jumping, and climbing up my back)

Me: "You're a monkey!"

Elizabeth: "I'm not a monkey! I'm Elizabeth Cawol!"

UPDATE: "I'm not a monkey... I'm a... a Dog! I'm a Kitty-Cat! Candy! A balloon, too!"


Toddler One-Liners

"That's Obama!"

Goofin' around

(Watching Disneyland footage)

Me: "Goofy's pretty silly, isn't he?"

Elizabeth: "Yeah... and he's funny, too."


Toddler One-Liners

"Bye! See-ya-back-soon!"