We're mostly unaffiliated

Elizabeth's Friend: "I have to root for the Beavers. Do you like the Beavers?"

Elizabeth: "Um... I actually root for the Ducks."

EF: "You don't like the Beavers?"

Elizabeth: "No."

EF: "Why?"

Elizabeth: "We do like the Beavers, but we like the Ducks a little bit more."


EF: "Why do you like both teams?"

Elizabeth: "Well, my dad roots for both of them. So I have to."


The Brain!

(While brushing teeth...)

Elizabeth: "There's one part of your body that needs rest, but it's the same part that wants to stay up: The Brain. Your brain needs a lot of rest, but it says 'I want to stay up and THINK!' but it needs rest, but it doesn't want to rest."


Coffee flavored coffee

Me: "You know what I want?"

Elizabeth: "What?"

Me: "Coffee."

Elizabeth: "Coffee?"

Me: "Coffee."

Elizabeth: "COFFEE?"

Me: "Yeah, doesn't that sound good?"

Elizabeth: "Coffee?!"

Me: "Coffee."


Elizabeth: "For what?"


"You know what I would take to college? My whole house!"



Me: "Time to brush teeth! Come here please!"

Elizabeth: [from across the house] "I AM THERE!"

Kindergartener One-Liners

"Don't surprise me ever again with a bath."


Why did it have to be snakes?

"What if Indiana Jones was trick-or-treating.... and all he got was CANDY SNAKES. [pause] But, he would still eat 'em."


(I was in the kitchen when I heard from the living room...)

Elizabeth: "WHAT?"

Me: "What?"

Elizabeth: "They just said in that commercial that if you're sick, you should eat honey."

Me: "Yeah, sometimes it's good for a sore throat."

Elizabeth: [grabs her throat] "Uuuuuggghhh... I do. I have a sore throat."


Detail-oriented to the max

This guest post comes to us from Elizabeth's Grandpa Tom. An incredible true-story:

(In the parking lot at the Children's Museum...)

Grandpa (upon spotting a car that he thinks looks just like their grey Rav4): "Hey Elizabeth, I hope we don't get in that car by mistake."

Elizabeth (without looking back at Grandpa and Grandma's car): "Don't worry Grandpa, that one doesn't have white stripes on the back lights like yours, and the license number is different, and that one has grey door handles. The ones on your car are black."

(Even though Elizabeth doesn't need to look back at Grandpa and Grandma's car to spot these differences, Grandpa does. And is amazed to find she is exactly correct.)

How long??

(Elizabeth notices an airplane in the sky...)

Me: "Next time we go to California, we won't be on a plane, we'll be in a car.... for a long time!"

Elizabeth "How long?"

Me: "The first day will be about 8 hours, and the second day will be about 8 hours, then we'll be there."

Elizabeth "Whoa.... How long does it take to get to Oregon State?"

Me: "We're in Oregon right now."

Elizabeth "How long does it take to get to the whole world??"

Me: "Hmmmm...."

Elizabeth "And, how long does it take to get to Spanish Land?"


I got these questions in rapid succession:

(The topic right before this? How to pick up a cat...)

"How did they make the world?"

"How did they make the first person, because no one would be there to have a baby the first time?"

"How did they make the planets?"



(We are dressing up to go to the Davis Graveyard....)

Elizabeth: "Are those the shoes you are going to wear?"

Me: "Yep!"

Elizabeth: "But those are not witch shoes."

Me: "They are very practical, though."

Elizabeth: "No they're not!"

Me: "Oh, sure they are."

Elizabeth: "Nothing is EVER practical."


Growth spurt!

(Dinner time...)

Elizabeth: "I want to eat the whole pot of mac & cheese."

Me: "All of it??"

Elizabeth: "Yes!"

Me: "Well, why don't you ask your tummy if that's what your tummy would like."

Elizabeth: "Ok. Tummy? Do you want the whole pot of mac & cheese? He said 'YES, INDEED!'"


My world-champion scuba diver


Elizabeth: "I want you to count how long I can hold my breath underwater."

Me: "Ok... go. One-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand-three, one-thousand-four, one-thousand-five, one-thou..."

Elizabeth: "No, no, no. Count. Count normal. Like this: Onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleventwelvethirteenfourteen. OK?"

Me: "Ok."

Elizabeth: "And, count fast."


Kindergartener One-Liners

"You don't have a mommy, you're a mommy!"


Something magical

(While getting ready to go to Kindergarten in the morning...)

Me: "OK, time to brush teeth..."

Elizabeth: [peeks her head around the corner, wearing a large witch's hat & smiling] "Alright, I just have to do something real quick!!"


Too much

(While taking a bath, pretending to be a Milkshake stand. She hands me a cup of bathwater....)

Elizabeth: "....and here is your milkshake! It's our special, Blueberry-Strawberry-Mango!"

Me: "Thank you, how much do I owe you?"

Elizabeth: "IT'S FREE!"

Me: "Really??"

Elizabeth: "Yes. We have TOO MUCH MONEY!"


Cleeeean up. Cleeeean up...

Elizabeth: "Mommy, I want my room all cleaned up. Especially this over here and the floor. But, we don't have to clean this area here, because that would just be a waste of time."


That time when you discovered you could eat snow!

This is classic Elizabeth. Funny, smart, and adorable. Enjoy this little vid, and be sure to stick around for the grand finale of cuteness. This was taken December of 2008...


Oh, yes, José!

(Somebody has a giant squirt-gun...)

Me: "I don't want to be squirted right now."

Elizabeth: "Oh YES, José!!"

Me: "No thank you!"

Elizabeth: "Well, you know... if I get you, I get you."

Me: "Yeah, but..."

Elizabeth: "And if I don't, then I don't."



(While I check out the box of hair color I just bought....)

Elizabeth: "Don't color your hair."

Me: "Ever?"

Elizabeth: "No, just not right now. We're playing. It's your day off."

Me: "Oh, you're right."

Elizabeth: "You should take a day off."

Me: "From what?"

Elizabeth: "From doing things your way."


One day, she will understand

Me: "Let's pick up all your stuff in the living room & clean up a bit."

Elizabeth: "No. You can, though."

Me: "Oh. Why do I get to do all of it?"

Elizabeth: "Because you like to clean."


I stand corrected


Me: "Can you hand me that orange crayon."

Elizabeth: "That's Red-Orange."


Dumbo Bubble

(At the hotel across the street from Disneyland... bedtime...)

Elizabeth: [to her large Dumbo stuffed animal] "Dumbo, you can't sleep in the bed. You're in daddy's personal space bubble."


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A Legit Reason

(While driving, we see a team of window washers way up on the Big Pink building)

Elizabeth: "What are they doing up there?"

Me: "They are washing each window on the entire, huge building!"

Elizabeth: "Whoa."

Me: "I wouldn't want that job."

Elizabeth: "Me neither. Booooooring!!!"


Lucky gets a scolding

(When we had both guinea pigs on the couch with us, Lucky almost bit Chowie... and gets in trouble with Elizabeth...)

"Hey, Lucky! Little Chowie is just a little pig. Chowie is just out to have some fun! She's just checking out the world...that's what being a guinea pig is all about, Lucky!"


Time to learn, Mommy

(While swimming....)

Elizabeth: "Now, mommy. Today, I want you to learn to swim with your head in the water."


Sounds reasonable

(Soon we leave for Disneyland!)

Me: "I'm going to get you your own Disney gift card so that you can buy souvenirs when we're at Disneyland. It's going to be a $40 card."

Elizabeth: "I want you to get me... 4... of those, please."


Good plan

(Planning our strategy...)

Me: "What firework do you want to light first?"

Elizabeth: "Well... let's do all the boring ones first."

Front Streamline

(While at the Aquatic Park...)

Elizabeth: "You don't know how to swim. I can swim."

Me: "I know how to swim."

Elizabeth: "But you don't know how to do the FRONT STREAMLINE!"


A joke

Elizabeth: "Want to hear a joke?"

Me "Yep!"

Elizabeth: "Where did you get your license?"

Me "Where."

Elizabeth: "Yeah, where?"

Me "What? You want to know where I got my license?"

Elizabeth: "No, that's the joke."

Me "Oh... ok. Start again."

Elizabeth: "Ok. Where'd you get your license?"

Me "Where?"

Elizabeth: "CLOWN COLLEGE!!"


Powerpuff Girls

"It helps if there are three monsters. That way, Blossom can beat one, Bubbles can beat one, and Buttercup can beat one, too!"


Cascadia Cup edition

Elizabeth: "The winners of this game should get to go to Great Wolf Lodge as the prize!"



Elizabeth: "Everybody needs a boss!"

Me: "Oh yeah? Who's your boss?"

Elizabeth: [pause] "...you!"

Me: "Nice."


Before the Guinea Pigs came...

(Reading the information about each Guinea Pig on the Oregon Humane Society's website...)

Me: [Reading] "Stormy is a gentle Guinea Pig looking for her furever home. She is looking for a place that will provide her with the socialization and companionship that little piggies crave..."

Elizabeth: "Wait, let me write this down."

Worn out

Elizabeth: "Mommy, I am just WORN OUT taking care of these Guinea Pigs!"


While you are snug

(Playing the blanket game, Elizabeth pretends to be my blanket & lays down on me....)

Elizabeth: [Moving] "Boo!"

Me: "Aaah!! My blanket is alive!"

Elizabeth: "Yes, and I can talk too!"

Me: "Whoa! I didn't know I had a talking blanket!"

Elizabeth: "Just read my tag. It says [in a booming voice] 'At night, while you are snug, I COME ALIVE AND TALK TO YOU!!"


Rock on

(To her best friend, Genevieve...)

Elizabeth: "My Dad loves a song called The Who."


Hawaiian vacation

Me: "Check it out, there's a photo of Grama looking at a volcano bed. It's a cold volcano, so it's safe to get close to it."

Elizabeth: "Yeah, it lost its batteries."


That was my major, too

(While playing hide-and-seek.)

Elizabeth: "HOW'D YOU FIND ME??"

Me: "'Cause I'm smart."

Elizabeth: "Well, I'm smarter than you."

Me: "Oh really? But I went to college."

Elizabeth: "I went to college, too!"

Me: "You did? When?"

Elizabeth: "April... 1st."

Me: "Oh... what was your grade point average."

Elizabeth: "Paint."

Me: "I see..."

Elizabeth: "And Zhu Zhu Pets."


Preschooler One-Liners

"...because that's the rules of me."


Summer Philosophy

Elizabeth: "Sometimes Summer is good and bad. It's good because you can do slip-n-slide and stuff. But, it's bad when you get stung by a bee."

Preschooler One-Liners

"Alright. You ask for it."


Happy 30th Birthday, Uncle Sam!

(Discussing the festivities for tonight)

Grama: "Today you & I need to go buy some pie for the party tonight."

Elizabeth: [scowl]

Me: "You like pie, right Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth: "I like pie, but not for birthdays."


Except Twister

(Twister's fun until you start playing, I say...)

Elizabeth: "I'm pretty good at Twister."

Me: "Yes you are... I am not so good."

Elizabeth: "No, you're not."

Me: "I'm good at other things, though?"

Elizabeth: "You're good at everything else except Twister."



(Elizabeth & I race to the bathroom... this time, I won...)

Elizabeth: "Hey!" [smacks me on the leg] "I was supposed to win!"

Me: "Ow, please don't smack me, that hurts."

Elizabeth: "That wasn't a smack! That was a HAND HUG!"

The marketing... it works!

(Cereal break!)

Me: "Here you go.... have you ever tried Cinnamon Toast Crunch?"

Elizabeth: "Oh yeah."

[takes a bite]

"Whoa... maybe I haven't tried it! Mmm.... yum."

Me: "It's my favorite."

Elizabeth: [quietly to herself] "Mmmm, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Part of a good breakfast."


Alrighty then!

(While eating a snack...)

Elizabeth: "Want some?"

Me: "Sure, thanks!" [reaches for snack]

Elizabeth: [not in a mean way... just matter-of-fact] "Go get some of your own."


The tale of the little cough

(When the flu came to visit...)

Elizabeth: "Are you all better except for your cough?"

Me: "Yep, I feel mostly all better except for my little cough."

Elizabeth: "I think he likes you!"

Me: "Uh huh, I think so."

Elizabeth: "He's like, [high-pitched voice] 'OH, I LOVE YOU! I'M VERY SORRY YOU HAVE ME!!'"

"Wanna play a game?...."

"It's called CRASH-OW-OW."


Good customer service!

(I'm so proud of my little shop keeper. Elizabeth sets up her 'Fabulous Fashion Boutique' at least once a day, and I go shopping. On a recent trip...)

Me: "Hello! What do you have that's new today?"

Elizabeth: "Perhaps you would be ines-sa-ter-rad in this...?"


Stuff like this happens quite a bit, lately

Elizabeth: "I spy with my little eye... something that is red."

Me: "Um... this shampoo bottle?"

Elizabeth: "That's not pink!"

Me: "You said red."

Elizabeth: "No I didn't!"

Me: ......

Rockstar Band

(While playing with Polly Pockets...)

Elizabeth: "Do we look like rockstars?"

Me: "Oh, yes."

Elizabeth: "Good. Because we're going to be in a rockstar band."



(During a good game of chase...)

Elizabeth: "I am faster now! Because I'm 5! Everytime I am a new number, I get faster!!"



Elizabeth: "When I was at Grama & Grampa's, we were watching 'Max & Ruby' and Max wanted a dragon shirt. Grama said, "How does max know there's a dragon shirt?" and Grampa said: "INTERNET!"

Me: "That is funny."

Elizabeth: "If you were there, you would think it was funny!"


Me: "Oh, are you going to eat your plum?"

Elizabeth: "No."

Me: "Why'd you ask me to cut one up for you?"

Elizabeth: "INTERNET!"


Tickle fight!

(Elizabeth sees an opportunity to win the tickle fight...)

"Will you open up your armpit, please?"



Me: "Your hands... They are freezing."

Elizabeth: "That is why I am putting them on your tummy. To warm them up."



(While playing with Polly Pocket dolls...)

Me: [as a doll] "Hi!"

Elizabeth: [as her doll] "Hi!"

Me: "What's your name?"

Elizabeth: "Protein!"


BCS Edition

(While watching the big game... and seeing the Auburn mascot...)

Elizabeth: "Do tigers eat ducks?"

Me: "...hm...I don't know if ducks live near tigers. I'm gonna say probably not?"

Elizabeth: "I think they do. Tigers eat everything except themselves, and other tigers."

Can't a gal use the facilities?

(Sorry, but this took place in the restroom...)

Elizabeth: [knock, knock]

Me: "Yes?"

Elizabeth: "Can I come in?"

Me: "Yep!"

Elizabeth: "Are you peeing?"

Me: "Yep!"

Elizabeth: "I need something."

Me: "What is it?"

Elizabeth: "....Dinner."