Elizabeth: "Everybody needs a boss!"

Me: "Oh yeah? Who's your boss?"

Elizabeth: [pause] "...you!"

Me: "Nice."


Before the Guinea Pigs came...

(Reading the information about each Guinea Pig on the Oregon Humane Society's website...)

Me: [Reading] "Stormy is a gentle Guinea Pig looking for her furever home. She is looking for a place that will provide her with the socialization and companionship that little piggies crave..."

Elizabeth: "Wait, let me write this down."

Worn out

Elizabeth: "Mommy, I am just WORN OUT taking care of these Guinea Pigs!"


While you are snug

(Playing the blanket game, Elizabeth pretends to be my blanket & lays down on me....)

Elizabeth: [Moving] "Boo!"

Me: "Aaah!! My blanket is alive!"

Elizabeth: "Yes, and I can talk too!"

Me: "Whoa! I didn't know I had a talking blanket!"

Elizabeth: "Just read my tag. It says [in a booming voice] 'At night, while you are snug, I COME ALIVE AND TALK TO YOU!!"