Rock on

(To her best friend, Genevieve...)

Elizabeth: "My Dad loves a song called The Who."


Hawaiian vacation

Me: "Check it out, there's a photo of Grama looking at a volcano bed. It's a cold volcano, so it's safe to get close to it."

Elizabeth: "Yeah, it lost its batteries."


That was my major, too

(While playing hide-and-seek.)

Elizabeth: "HOW'D YOU FIND ME??"

Me: "'Cause I'm smart."

Elizabeth: "Well, I'm smarter than you."

Me: "Oh really? But I went to college."

Elizabeth: "I went to college, too!"

Me: "You did? When?"

Elizabeth: "April... 1st."

Me: "Oh... what was your grade point average."

Elizabeth: "Paint."

Me: "I see..."

Elizabeth: "And Zhu Zhu Pets."


Preschooler One-Liners

"...because that's the rules of me."


Summer Philosophy

Elizabeth: "Sometimes Summer is good and bad. It's good because you can do slip-n-slide and stuff. But, it's bad when you get stung by a bee."

Preschooler One-Liners

"Alright. You ask for it."


Happy 30th Birthday, Uncle Sam!

(Discussing the festivities for tonight)

Grama: "Today you & I need to go buy some pie for the party tonight."

Elizabeth: [scowl]

Me: "You like pie, right Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth: "I like pie, but not for birthdays."


Except Twister

(Twister's fun until you start playing, I say...)

Elizabeth: "I'm pretty good at Twister."

Me: "Yes you are... I am not so good."

Elizabeth: "No, you're not."

Me: "I'm good at other things, though?"

Elizabeth: "You're good at everything else except Twister."



(Elizabeth & I race to the bathroom... this time, I won...)

Elizabeth: "Hey!" [smacks me on the leg] "I was supposed to win!"

Me: "Ow, please don't smack me, that hurts."

Elizabeth: "That wasn't a smack! That was a HAND HUG!"

The marketing... it works!

(Cereal break!)

Me: "Here you go.... have you ever tried Cinnamon Toast Crunch?"

Elizabeth: "Oh yeah."

[takes a bite]

"Whoa... maybe I haven't tried it! Mmm.... yum."

Me: "It's my favorite."

Elizabeth: [quietly to herself] "Mmmm, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Part of a good breakfast."


Alrighty then!

(While eating a snack...)

Elizabeth: "Want some?"

Me: "Sure, thanks!" [reaches for snack]

Elizabeth: [not in a mean way... just matter-of-fact] "Go get some of your own."