The definition of On Purpose

Elizabeth: "Can I stand on your back?"

Me: "OK, go ahead.... just don't jump, OK?"

Elizabeth: "OK. But, I'll probably accidentally do that."


Preschooler One-Liners

(Very dramatically... )

"I shall now make the magic apple..."

[puts blanket over it]



Yes, we can.

(While driving to preschool, listening to NPR, Mommy lets out a nervous sigh...)

Elizabeth: "What?"

Sarah: "Oh, it's just Obama speaking. He's trying to help people."

Elizabeth: "Why do people... not want Obama... to help people?"

Sarah: "I don't know. I want him to help people."

Elizabeth: "Me too."


We make a lot of deals

(Driving home one evening...)

Elizabeth: "I'm so hungry!"

Me: "I thought your tummy hurts."

Elizabeth: "Nope. I want a cheeseburger."

Me: "Oh, I don't know... maybe not tonight."

Elizabeth: "But, I want one! OK, I have a deal. Let's go to Burgerville, and if they have cheeseburgers we will get one! And, if they don't have cheeseburgers we'll go home! And, you'll make me a cheeseburger! How 'bout that?"

Me: "I cannot argue with that deal."


You are Beetles with an 'A'...

(All of us listened to a lot of Beatles on 09/09/09. KINK played their entire catalog all day long, in celebration of a Beatles video game being released or whatever. They were on the radio, when.....)

Grama: "Isn't this great? It's the Beatles!"

Elizabeth: "Oh yeah! I like the Beatles."

Grama: "Me too!"

Elizabeth: "That's my favorite bug... and I like ladybugs, too."


One of these two things is the best advice I could ever hope to receive.

(Sayin' good-bye for the day...)

Elizabeth: "Bye, Mommy!"

Me: "Bye, have a nice day!"

Elizabeth: "Don't get pooped on!"

Me: "What?!"

Elizabeth: "...by any cats or dogs."

Me: "Oh... OK, I'll try not to."

Elizabeth: "And, don't see any trucks."

Me: "OK."

Elizabeth: "Those are two things I don't want you to do."

Me: "I promise. Thank you."



Daddy: "You're going to preschool & pretty soon you'll be four! We don't want you to grow up so fast..."

Elizabeth: "Yeah! I want to get big! So I can cook... and do stuff! I want to get big."